Nero xp dvd not burned?

hi all,

I 've got Nero for some time now (in Windows XP pro sp2) and have burned quiet a lot of data-dvd’s (RiData 4x DVD+R) on a nec 1300 +/- dvd-burner. When i try to view the content of these dvd’s i get zero content. (explorer shows nothing on the dvd). On a different pc (in a shop) i do see the content of the dvd’s. Is this a known bug? (did Nero fuck up my xp-explorer)

I already tried a fix from the nero-site but that did nothing for me. (when i burn with cdburnerxppro 3 i can view the content of the dvd’s).

CD’s seem to be unaffected by this phenomenon (cd’s burned by nero i mean)


Try updating your Nero, before you do anything else. is the latest version.


How does, updating Nero, help the explorer with viewing the content of a dvd…?

I noticed that there is no wnaspi32.dll on my machine. the info tool of nero suggests that nero is using a aspi driver and that it works properly…

Is it possible that the DVD was created with multisessions on it? Or is it a RW DVD? Perhaps you’ll need InCD Reader or the Multimounter. If everything fails you can recover and view the data with Isobuster.

Someone told me that i burned the dvd’s with to much speed, some dvd-burners can burn at a faster speed than they can read them. Is that true? (it would explain why i can read by dvd’s at a dvd-player at the local shop and not at home…

It’s possible that setting Auto Insert Notification to ON will help. The only sure way I know of doing this is by using DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn. It can be set in the registry but I don’t know where.

Nero 7 uses SPTI now instead of aspi so no wnaspi32.dll is needed. Actually I think the latest Nero 6 ( also uses SPTI.

With a ND1300 you can hardly burn with too much speed so best ignore those comments.

I just burned an other dvd (with a lower speed, 4x) and that dvd i can also not read in explorer (it does however show how much mb’s are used on the disk).


(the disk can be read on all other pc’s i have tried so far)

COULD THE PART THAT READS DVD sectors be defect? (i can read ALL burned/nromal cd’s)

ps: i also updated the firmware with the latest version from NEC.

ps: i also updated my a Nero (to I do however get an error message (when i start Nero burning Rom). Something about an error in communication with the lightscribe station? I am adviced to restart the pc and try the label? again…

I tried burning a dvd with other burn software (like CDburner xp pro3 ) but it gives the same result, i get a great DVD but i can’t view/open on my pc. (on other pc’s i have got no problems)

It wasn’t so much that it would help with the Explorer problem, I suggested it because (from my own experience and various reports from CDF members), is pretty much a bug-fest.