Nero 6606 multisession problem

i burned several folders useing multi session…today i added another folder and after the burn, i could only see the last burned folder when i opened the cr-r. i tried buring another folder using multi session on the same cd-r today and after the burn it only shows the folder that i burned today when i open the cd-r…any ideas on how i can retrieve the other burned folders that seem to be hidden ??? thank you for any help! :sad:

try finalizing/closing the disc.

G’day. find your files with IsoBuster and extract them to your HD.

Sounds like it’s not importing the previous session - when you contimue a multisession, you have to presebt the Cd you wish to continue, otherwise you will create individual volumes.

Nero Multimounter may be of service:

Where the sessions are imported, multimounter should not be required, unless you wish to access previous session files that have been deleted (excluded) or superseded in the current session.

thanks for the help, with IsoBuster i was able to find the hidden files and save them to the hard drive. i have given up on nero and went back to plain old nero 6 ultra edition…i can now read the disc’s that had the hidden files and i can multisession again with confidence…thanks for the help…cheersi

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: