Nero 63125 free?

I had a look at the update sections of the Nero website and it lists a “free” Nero version 63125.

Is this really completely free? Any drawbacks (no longer up to date for current drives for example)?

I’d rather ask here than try and if it’s not free have to deinstal. Just reinstalled XP and want to keep it clutterfree for as long as possible :wink:


I don’t see any free Nero 6 versions at (except updates).

Could you supply a link, please?

Here. I found it. It’s a very old version. I wouldn’t touch it.

Looks like an update to me, which means you need a serial number.


Downloaded and made an installation in a VMware virtual machine.
This is not a free version, but an update/demo version.

You need a serial number to turn it into a full version.

Demo/trial mode is no longer available; if you press the Demo button you just get the second window below, and the serial number prompt returns.

Well, it says “free”, strangely enough. As I’d only need to it burn ISO’s or bog standard ISO/UDF data DVDs, I thought it’d be a cheap alternative.

edit: thanks for trying it, looks I’ll have to keep using the old software (free WinOnCD/DVD)


Does ImgBurn suit your needs?

It can burn ISO images (as well as other images) and it also has a build mode.

How to use ImgBurn in BUILD mode: A user guide

Roxio’s WinOnCD 6 (with updates) still works fine for the average user who doesn’t need dual/double-layer burning.

Thanks, it might. I’ll give it a try!

Edit: that was in reply to Dragemester. Cressida, thanks, that’s what I’m using right now.


i did download this version from the nero site a good while ago & it was free

Please provide a link. :slight_smile:

The version downloaded from Here is definitely not free as was confirmed by my test above.

thats the thing Darge, i can’t :frowning: .

somebody asked on here a while ago wondering if there was a free version, i can remembering that version, as i did download it.

here an install pic from it

i can upload it to megaupload if that allowed ?

A year ago or so, a german computer magazine came with a free copy of Nero 6.6 OEM (basically the same you get with a new burner).

But WinonCD 6 together with ImgBurn is a great team :slight_smile: I’d prefer this over Nero 7 Essentials :Z

I wouldn’t even think about that.


ok, no problems, just as it was free software.

you can buy nero 6 for about $5 online if you look hard enough