Nero 6

I came across this today & thought I would pass it on. For those in the U.S. you can get Nero 6 Suite for $9.99 w/free shipping.

Be aware that it’s the OEM version of Nero 6, which lacks quite a few features of the retail version. In particular, the OEM version doesn’t allow you to use the main Nero program (just Nero Express). It doesn’t support antivirus scanning, nor does it allow you to record simultaneously to more than one recorder.

I believe it also lacks some plugins that are in the full version - though I’m never quite clear what plugins are supposed to be included in the full version of Nero 6!


I recently bought a Nero 6 OEM from another dealer. I paid about $10, which included $4.95 shipping so it was a different company.

As the previous poster said the OEM is limited. I haven’t used it very much but I can tell you that it seems to have most of the basics for burning, because I have burned some discs and they turned out fine. However, it does not have WaveEdit. SoundTrax, BackItUp and Recode. As least I don’t have on my machines. The programs ARE on the disc but when I try to launch them a message comes up to say my license doesn’t permit them to be launched.

I have not fully explored all of the other features but I have used several, such as the disk info feature.