Nero 6

i am getting error message that my nero has compatibility issues with this version of windows i have an emachine media center 6420 has anybody got this message

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More information is needed. Precisely what version of Nero are you using & what operating system?

Maybe you “media center” is too new and doesn’t give accreditation to “too old” stuff and for it Nero means only version 7 upwards.
Nero had probs with some XP flavours, and part of it was solved by Ahead and part by MS (I have version 6 working within XP SP1 with no prob).
Difficult to say without you following TimC’s advice.

using nero 6 memorex suite i media center xp atheon 64 2.2 gh, 200 gb hard drive 1024 mb memory does that help ?

Did you disable xp internal CD recording facilities?