Nero 6

Hiya, i’m having a problem with Nero 6 on my PC…I bought the PC of a friend recently and i’ve installed nero 6 but my cd-burner won’t work…it reads cds fine but when it comes to burning cds it stops after about 2% …does anyone have an idea why this would happen because if it reads ok on the CD Drive why wont it burn!!!

Its getting very frustrating!!

Your “burner” actually has two lasers, a read laser and a more powerful write laser. Perhaps the write laser is dead or close to dead.
Are you able to burn anything at all?..I mean outside nero. Maybe just burn some data to an rw using windows to confirm this.
Did you add the burner?..and if not, are you certain it was working properly for your friend?

maineman has said it all, the only thing remains for me to say try to defrag your hard drive and make sure you have eough space space hard drive also may be you be better off to reforma you hard drive and reinstall every thing.

Do you get any message from Nero when it stops burning?
What is the Nero’s version you have installed?
Did you try different media or just one brand of discs?
Did you try to perform a test before the actual burning? If so, how does it react?
How old is your drive?
Depending on previous answers, did you try to clean the lens (using the appropriate methods)?