Nero 6, XP, and Verification Error

I had occasionally gotten the error:

VERIFYERR 10 File UDFCompilationImpl.cpp


Data verification failed

and changed the speed and other sundry items. All went well for some time but it appears that it is back in denial once again. After 3 verification errors, I am trying to find another answer.

Anyone with any ideas on a good resolve?

Thanks in advance,


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Take a look at this thread - it seems likely that Nero’s verify code is a bit buggy.


Thanks for the reply.

What I did find that was peculiar was, after the first attempted burn and verify, I tried to read the disk; it showed the folders, etc., but when I tried to dig deeper, it went into “lala land”.

There were soooo many suggestions in that thread, that a normal person might go mad.

Not sure what to do now.

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How about a suggested way ahead, then.

Ideally do these tests in a separate drive, but if the only drive you have that will read the disc is the one you wrote it on, use that.

First, start off by carrying out a surface scan using a program like DVDINFOPro. If the disc passes that, see if you can read the file(s) and folder(s) that failed verification in Nero.

I only had a single failure, and it only affected one file that I proved was OK on the DVD.

Ideally use software that will verify files against their source. Microsoft’s WinDiff will do if you happen to have software installed that includes it. Another option is to use software that will produce a MD5 checksum of the files. If the files are archives, check them for integrity (for example using the Test feature in WinZip).



Am I to assume that DVDInfoPro only tests CDs and not the actual disk? You see, the problem is that when I burn a disk (in most if not all cases) the disk is rendered useless, hence testing it becomes quite difficult.

My thought was that the data & folder on the HD could be tested but I don’t see that option.


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Here is a snipit of my last burn. There were 25 other files that errored before this one;

8:59:39 PM #43 VERIFYERR 6 File UDFCompilationImpl.cpp, Line 1681
Read error on CD file
Alcohol %120 Percent v1.4.8.1222\setup\setup.exe

8:59:48 PM #44 VERIFYERR 6 File UDFCompilationImpl.cpp, Line 1681
Read error on CD file
Alcohol %120 Percent v1.4.8.1222\setup\setup.ini

8:59:56 PM #45 VERIFYERR 6 File UDFCompilationImpl.cpp, Line 1681
Read error on CD file
Alcohol %120 Percent v1.4.8.1222\setup\setup.msi

8:59:56 PM #46 VERIFYERR 13 File UDFCompilationImpl.cpp, Line 1380
Status summary
Total files=22, identical=0, different=0, inaccessible=22, skipped=0.

8:59:56 PM #47 Phase 81 File dlgbrnst.cpp, Line 1841
Data verification failed

Existing drivers:
File ‘Drivers\ADPU160M.SYS’: Ver=v3.60a (Lab01_N(johnstra).010529-2218), size=101888 bytes, created 8/17/2001 1:07:32 PM
File ‘Drivers\ASPI32.SYS’: Ver=4.71 (0001), size=17005 bytes, created 8/14/2002 2:03:36 PM
File ‘Drivers\PXHELP20.SYS’: Ver=2.02.62a, size=20016 bytes, created 10/28/2003 5:02:00 AM (Prassi/Veritas driver for win 2K)
File ‘Drivers\atapi.sys’: Ver=5.1.2600.1106 (xpsp1.020828-1920), size=86912 bytes, created 8/29/2002 3:27:50 AM (Adapter driver for rec)

Registry Keys:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\AllocateCDROMs : 0 (Security Option)



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