Nero 6.x and Roxio 6.0

Would there be any problem having both packages installed under WinXP Pro at the same time? Is there some way to make one the default program? I have the Pioneer DVR 107 on the way :slight_smile:

What’s in the box?
Win XP Pro SP1
Antec 1040 SOHO Tower
Gigabyte GA8PE667 Ultra mobo/P4 2.8ghz
1024 mb PC2700 RAM
Cendyne Lightning4 CD-RW
16x DVD Rom
80gb 7200 RPM hd (boot)
2x60gb 7200 hd (storage, RAID 1)

I have had both on my machine at the same time with no issues and no conflicts at all.

I eventually removed Roxio 6.0 as I only used it for the “drag to disc” function and I now use Nero’s In-CD instead.

Things will likely go very wrong if you try to install InCD when you have Drag to Disc active as well. Otherwise, you might well get away with having both installed - but there’s no guarantee.