Nero 6.X ( - Burning a Boot CD

I am attempting to burn a 2.88Mb Floppy Emulation boot CD. I have done this numerous times before, using Nero. This is the first time I attempted to do it with Nero 6.X.

I burn it from a WinImage .IMA boot image. I am now receiving the following error, no matter what options I select for ISO:

I have probably attempted this burn 15 times using every ISO setup I could think of. I do not ever remember having to change the settings in the ISO compilation tab before to burn it. It doesn’t matter, I still can’t burn the .IMA 2.60Mb image.

Any suggestions or experiences? Thanks for any replies!

I just tried the same burn on a different system, with a different, archived .IMA image. No joy. I had successfully made this boot CD twice, just before upgrading to, then to, and now back to (due to the “no space” problem).

I now think it is another problem with Nero 6.X.

Saw this when researching the same problem - so joined the forum to reply. Hope you get this - as it’s a while since you wrote it. I assume if you’d fixed it, you would have told us here!


All it is, is that Nero would like at least one file to put on the standard visible part of the the CD. So even though you will never use it, in addition to choosing your boot image and 2.88mb floppy emulation, you also need to choose at least one file (I just use a dummy text file)…


P.S. I assume this is your problem, cos the error message you pasted didn’t work, but your comments on Joliet and ISO lead me to believe it is!


Nero was the problem. V6.0.0.15 handles the boot Cd burn. That is what I’m currently running now with the released patch to handle the disk space problem.

Glad you found a work-around for, I’ll keep that in mind.

Older post so I had deleted the “error” .jpg file that was in my original post off of my limited web space .

Thanks for the reply!