Nero 6 won't look up database. Cmon geniuses please respond

Ok. You guys always seem to be able to fix anything and I’ve used this forum countless times, so PLEASE help me figure out this annoying problem.

Nero 6 usually works perfect for me. Copying is always perfect.

For some reason, when I try to burn a cd-r,some cd-r’s that I have copied and then want to make an additional copy won’t access the database.

Now I can access it fine with an original cd. But some cd-r’s will read the isrc and then just start copying WITHOUT the option to look up information.

It will just say Disc has been copywrited, then start to burn the image.

DOes this make sense?

I want to be able to access the database so that I can print cd covers.
I am a dj and I have backed up my music, but the paper I print the songlist on gets worn out, so I would like to be able to just pop the cd-r (rather then search through my expansive collection) in Nero, ACT like I’m copying it, go to Nero Cover Designer and print out the track list, then cancel the copy process before an image is copyied. Whew! that was some typing…

I’ve tried demos of music catalog software offf the gracenote webpage. They all suck for printing features. It takes way too much time to design your tracklist and has limited features.

I wish Pagemaker had a CD lookup plug-in.

On a side-note, anyone know some easy cover designer software to buy? I also wish Nero Cover Designer had the option to look up cd information directly from thta program.


Thanks for reading and help if you can please.


Cmon. Someone reply.

wILL anyone help me???