Nero 6 with 2.4x speed only

hi everyone…

I have weird problem here.

let me start with me H/W

LiteOn LDW-411S / Acer/Benq DW1620
DMA on, Secondary Master

start about week ago, Nero only allow me write DVD-R at 2.4x, but actually it write at 1x and might fail sometime. (it was okie before, the LDW-411S wirte at 4X)

so I bought a new writer DW1620(replace the LDW…) … problem still there.

I run the utility came with Nero, the “CD-DVD Speed”

after I ran that s/w, the speed back to normal for both drive.

few days after, I try make some DVD, the speed back to 2.4x again… ran the CD-DVD speed… the speed back to normal …

it seems like everytime I want make new DVD, I have to run the CD-DVD Speed first …

is there anyway to “fix” this problem ?

thanks :slight_smile:

@ RX78
Welcome:). What is the MID of the media you are using? You can use DVD Identifier

Remove/reload Nero.

I’m in US, and I’m using the Memorex 8x Disc, some of them from Ritek, some of them from Prodisc Tech :slight_smile:

and for another one… I already re-install few times, and everytime I uninstaill, always make reg clean also :slight_smile:

thank you ~~

If it worked before with your system, then wipe the hard drive, then reload windows and retest with Nero.

Is DMA on for all your drives, RX78?

DMA on for all the drive… and yes :slight_smile:

@ RX78
Next time you burn and have a problem, save the burn(or error) log as a .txt file, remove your serial number from the top and post using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window.

hmm, … actually the burning speed problem is not happen during the burning …

when I open a “new compilation”, under “burn” tab, and for the write speed: it shows “maximum speed” and when I pull down that option, the next speed only show 2.4x …

if I keep go wirte the DVD… the actual write speed will be 1x ~ 2x and very likely going to fail …

thx for the help :slight_smile: