Nero 6 whine thread



I didn’t know where to start this at, so i picked here. feel free to whine about any features that dont work, work poorly, or are missing. I’ll start :smiley:

when you are ripping audio tracks, there is no option, afaik, to create a new folder to rip into. i always forgot to whine bout this in 5.x.

i know all you junkies believe in EAC, but when you are encoding to mp3, whats the point ;).


Did you know we’ve got a recording software forum? :smiley:

Anyhow… I’ve been playing around with Nero 6 and there a couple of things I dislike:

-to burn an ISO (or other image), more clicks are needed (compared to Nero 5) before the program starts burning
-nero vision express tends to crash very often
-after burning a disc, nero locks up for over 10 seconds (5 did the same, but not that long)

Well those are the first things that come to my mind. I’m pretty sure there are more things, but I don’t remember them right now…


check my 2 posts on the above page

nero 6 the package has got a lot of work to do


Once they fix this “Nerovision2 won’t burn video when you enter your $50 serial number” bug, then I’ll probably love Nero 6. I mean, at least, without installing InCD 4. Oh, just pass me the cheese. . . this program’s starting to get annoying. :a


Unfortunately Nero 6 has all the bugs/disadvantages of version 5.x :Z
1.) When copying a source 4x CD-RW to a destination of high or ultra speed RW, it allows you to select 4x as a maximal burning speed.
2.) There’s no chance to set a default writer for DVD and CD projects. When I have 2 drives, I allways first of all have to choose the drive and then the project - this is annoying, this should be preset.
3.) The message about erasing the RW media sometimes remains on the screen even when the process was done succesfully.
4.) After erasing the media the tray opens regarding the expert settings. It should be fine if it were more options to set the tray eject/load. Or a ‘auto-loading’ timer…

So these would be the flaws of the Nero 6 :confused:



Man, I hope you people didn’t paid for Nero 6 then. Sounds horrible.

The point of using EAC + LAME to encode MP3 is it’ll beat out Nero any day. And it’s free.


I wish NERO would remember the window size settings for each frame. I hate having to resize each frame everytime I open Nero.

Unless of course it is there and I just haven’t found the setting to make that happen…



from HERE is a quote:

"We have got some problems in the current demoversions with the serialnumbers.
This problems will be fixed with the next update which will go online at saturday, the 2nd of August.
Please do not enter your bought serialnumber before saturday after installing the newest update.

Plug-ins for Nero 6 will be available soon."

So the next update is coming soon.

Nero Vision Express is a piece of junk as it stands right now.
I hope they repair it first.

I can add the 1st of 3 .vobs, but it refuses to add #2 & #3.
That’s after they’ve been ripped.

Nero 5.5 worked fine with the .vobs.


The best one of all…

Nero Recode could delete your entire HD!!!

My main moan is that I was hoping to have some enhanced library functions, such as ID3 tag editing. Its a right pain ripping audio to mp3, then having to use something else to do all the tagging!!!


if it deletes your hdd…you propably agreed to do it…:wink:
never give a root of a hdd as a destination to any software…always point to a map

but i agree,…it sucks

Nero 6 recoqnized an ISo as audio …but it was data…
I will make some other ISO’s to test it again.

This weekend i will try the re-encode dvd thingy…curious if it does good work like dvdshrink

Does any one tried the audio plug ins with 6? I mean the ones you can downlaod for free (flack, ape, lame etc)


Ive been using the mp3pro codec that I used for nero 5.5… works fine… there are several Nero6 pluggin packs available from usual sources…

I tried Recode last week (its still beta)… could not play disc in xbox (which I know is not the best dvd player in world, but plays dvdr films perfectly), could not recognise the disk. However, I think this is down to the bug that names the VIDEO_TS dir as video_ts… which I think is probably the problem!!! Will have another go at it at some point…


How do you close a finished compilation so you can create a new one? I use the horozontal display with the compilation on the bottom and my my file browser on top.

In Nero 5, both of these panes had a “close X” in the upper right corner. In Nero 6, I only have it for the file browser. The only way to close a finished compilation is to go to File | Close in the menu bar.

Where’s my compilation “X”???


Why not just hit the “new” button to open a new compilation?


It opens another window of Nero.


is anyone having problem with read buffer and write speed issues with dvd burning?

I have had major issues with read buffer running out at about 40% when burning a dvd at 4x and then just link kicking in on my NEC 110A writer

I just did a reinstall of XP and now Nero 6 will not burn at 4x but dvd decrypter does fine…

Nero 6 is crap…sorry I installed it on my fresh xp install

back to 5.5 until they get this piece working…