Nero 6 was working fine now freezes during DVD Burn

Running Nero 6 0n my Sony Viao K15 Notebook with 2.8 P4, 1024 DDR Ram,
CD/DVDRW 60GB 7200rpms Hitachi HD w/ XP Home Ed & SP2 used to work great now it will start to burn transcoding menu’s and video clips then after a couple mins everything freezes the abort button won’t work can’t close the window or anything else the whole system freezes. I’ve checked for viruses,
reinstalled Nero and everything else I can think of with no luck. I’m open to suggestions just want to be able to burn a DVD without all this hassle im tired of burning coasters. Please Help!!! :sad:


Hi yovinny wellcome to the forum
Have you got the latest version of Nero ? If not try and download it and then give it a try. if the same problem is still happening have a read through Ghosters suggestions If you still having problems then down load Copy to DVD from here and give it a try and see if it will work . If Copy to DVD works OK then it looks like the problem is not in your hardware but with Nero in your Registry and no matter how many times you reinstall it the same problem will still happen because Nero will keep reusing the corrupt registry file every time you reinstall Nero. To fix it can be very time consuming to find and repair the corrupt file. Sorry to say but the best, quickest and easyest thing might be is to reinstall Windows.

ok to all with the Nero freezing problem, I was having the same problem so here’s what, I did that stopped the freezing, when you start to burn , you need to lower the write speed, if you have it set to 8 times, lower it to half of that, if your at 4 times like I was lower it to 2.4 or 2 times and you should be fine for a successful burn.