Nero 6 want install problem with cover designer templates

I have now read most of the threads on installing Nero 6.

Unfortunatley they don’t solve my problem and I have now emailed Ahead 6 times, phoned twice, but to no avail. Ahead told me to restart my pc! Which obviously didn’t work. :frowning:

I did have Nero 5.5 and it worked. I use it backup my pc to DVD, photos, files etc and use it daily.

I upgraded - and have tried installing Nero6 and everytime I get “CoverDesignerTemplate” error and then the install stops.

I followed the instructions on the nero website, and a number of ideas on the forum - in chaning permissions in Regedit/32.

Is there any solution

Best regards leo

dude ive got this problem aswell no one seems to know whats happening

I am assuming your using Windows XP. If so try installing using a new administrator account. I found that helped sometime when there is a file or permission problem.