Nero 6 v Nero 6 Ultra

This may have been asked before but… I own Nero 6 (upgraded serial from 5.5) but I notice at the US site they are talking about Nero 6 ‘Ultra Edtion’. Whats the difference?

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Whats the difference?
Nero 6 Ultra vs Burning ROM

My Nero (downloaded and purchased from has no mention of ‘Ultra’ and has different download packs (3 not 4) yet appears to have the features of Ultra (such as the DVD stuff). Just wondered if there is indeed any extras in Ultra?

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Just wondered if there is indeed any extras in Ultra?

Major Update of Nero 6 Ultra Edtion incl. Nero PowerPack available now!


as far as I could find they call the full blown pack “Nero 6Ultra Edition” in the US while at least in Germany it is just called “Nero 6”.

My version bought directly from Ahead also does not show “Ultra” but has all the add-ons that are listed to be included in the US Ultra Edition - I think it is just naming difference.

Also check out the boxes on and and you will see the box in US says Ultra while the one in Germany does not.

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  1. Nero 6 Ultra uses NeroMIX instead of Nero Media Player which is a stand alone program in Europe.
  2. If you have Nero 6 Ultra you are entitled to a free MP3 encoder
    (Lame Mp3) with a special subscription.
  3. Nero 6 Ultra is intended for the American market you can’t buy it if you are not a resident of US.