Nero 6 update to now out!

Thought I would check for any upgrades and yippie As of June 1st there is a new update.

I ran into problems using Herries DL firmware (buffer underrun) I will install this update, flash to beta5 DL and try again.

It works perfectly for me - no buffer underrun bug any more.

Furthermore, a DVD overburning option has been added. AFAIK, you can test in CDSpeed how much a certain DVD can be overburned. Then you can take this value for Nero and overburn. I will certainly not do that but it may be interesting for some users.

Yes, as ine the, the buffer underrun bug with DL firmwares has disappeared ! :wink:

ahh… im not sure if its nero that causes this. but this happens to me too…
i had no buffer underrun probs after i updated my motherboard chipset drivers. (nforce driver)

i dont think its bcos of nero…

so has anyone tried the overburn dvd feature. whats the maximum amount of data that can actually be burned to a dvd?

Tried it out, no buffer underrun problems here! Look’s great…