Nero 6 Ultra vs Burning ROM

Please forgive a newbie question…

I’ve purchased a retail package of Nero 6 Ultra to replace Easy CD Creator. However, a few days later I’ve got a Lite-On DVD burner that came with a copy of Nero 6 Burning ROM (plus CD/DVD Speed and InfoTool).

I have not opened any of these yet and would like to get an advice on the Ultra package – is it really worth it to keep it? (It wasn’t exactly inexpensive – cost almost as much as the whole DVD burner).

Although I do watch DVD movies on a PC, I have not done any recording or such. Would love to get a video card that would allow recording and backup of TV programs, but that is in the future. My main use for the burner right now will be backup and archives of PC data and software and backup of my music CDs to MP3 format (and perhaps a regular music CD compilation now and thn). I don’t need any special effects for MP3s or audio, just good sound. A playlist creation would be nice. That is all I needed before.

I looked at, and it seems that Nero 6 Burning ROM will do alone everything I need right now. The description of the Ultra compenents went a bit over my head. Is there any advantage to keeping the Ultra package? If you ignore the video components of the Ultra software, do I get anything that is really useful for me right now? Is there anything in the Ultra package you would not want to live without?

One other question: To my big surprise, has a note that MP3 encoding will work only few (30?) times and if I need to create more MP3s it will costs extra. This is really disappointing if true. Easy CD Creator came with everything I needed (it just didn’t work very well) and there was no additional license needed to burn MP3. Does anyone know how much MP3 licens costs (I didn’t see the price on

Thank you in advance for any advice.


Nero Burning ROM 6 is a part of Nero 6 Ultra Edition

Thank you. I thought that the Burning ROM was just a limited version of Ultra. I finally opened the DVD burner box to see the software and I was wrong – there was a different kind of software included. So I will be keeping the Ultra and installing it soon.