Nero 6 Ultra & MP3s

I’m very sorry, I posted in the wrong place origianally. Here is my question, where it belongs … sorry again.

Hello everyone. I just purchased Nero Vers 6 Ultra. After install, the front end interface comes up when I click the desktop icon. I select the expert mode which will allow you to rip music from a CD to your hard drive.

My daughter has an mp3 player and wanted a few songs on it while she was at the gym. To my surprise, or maybe I’m just missing something, there is no option to rip to mp3 format. There are two trial mp3 format options that require registration and an addtional fee after ripping 30 times. There is also an mp4 format that her player didn’t recognize.

Am I missing something? I assumed that if I paid 80bucks for this program it would rip mp3s without purchasing more software.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


search these forums for nero plugins and you will find what your looking for or pay for the mp3pro from nero