Nero 6 ultra mp3 files track order



l can rip audio cd’s to mp3 files and put them in a folder but when they are transferred to folder they are not in correct track order that they were ripped in but go in ‘alphabetical order by track title’. The folder is setup to not to allow index servicing to index folder but no difference. l can get mp3 files in correct track order by altering ‘folder details’ to sort by track but when l try to burn to cd they all revert back to ‘alphabetical track title order’.

l can alter Nero’s ‘file name creation method’ to ‘user defined’…
%N%A%T%E and it will put them into track order but ‘track file’ is then undefined as music file and l have to pick program to open and play it.

Any ideas? please!



i use CDeX to rip my cd`s to harddrive and as well as the names it numbers them, then when i use nero to burn as mp3 or wav they always are in the right order. give CDeX a try its free.


Thanks ako, before l download does CDeX name the tracks from internet database or do you have to handtype in tracks? Sorry to be a pain!



yes it can, just select read from local CDDB.