Nero 6 ultra massive errors help



I recently installed nero 6 ultra and every cd I burn fails the verify data test. It says “burn successful” and it plays But are loaded with errors, sometimes 100, sometimes thousands. Usually no c2 errors, quality 96-99. I tried burning the test cd and the data cd from nero’s cdspeed, tests were horrible c2 errors over 100,000 with quality of zero! What ever am I doing wrong?



What drive are you using to burn/scan?

I find my Lite-On 52327 sometimes shows very high errors when my BenQ 1620 shows a very good burn.


Well the rom is lite-on 486s (as it came from dell)
cd burner is nec 9100A.

I get bad results no matter if I burn from the rom to the burner, make an image file with the rom and burn, or if I make the image file from the burner to the harddisc, then burn. I once showed c-2 errors of over 1 million. If I slow read speed to 20x and burn at 4x, I get the best results, but NEVER ONCE has it passed the “verify data” test with an audio cd. when I created the “test cd”
first I got a message that it didn’t appear that the burner was capable of burning the test disc, or something like that, and asked if I wanted to proceed anyway. I clicked yes and something burned, but it tests pathetically bad. c1, c2, and sync errors. I have sent something and attached a log file to nero, but I’m not holding out much hope, so far they suggested things already covered in my email, hopefully it was just a form letter sent before they address the actual issue, which they stated they would do “shortly”. Seems like nice software, but I’m about to ditch it if this doesn’t sort out. For whatever reason, since I ran the test disc, when I perform disc quality tests, the ci and c2 check boxes grey out and show no errors, quality 100% but still won’t pass the "verify data’ test I’m about to decide the burner is bad, but the rom is no better. Unlikely they both shot craps at the same time, I suspect this nero as the problem. Does your verify data test fail or pass?



good luck with nero help…i have requested help several times in the last month and got nothing but generic stuff …then they told me that nero is not compatible with my all-in -wonder 9200 video card…i also cannot get audio when i try to copy vhs/8mm movies…but great video with nero…i found that i have to do the transfer with MYDVD and then use nero to burn it and i get good audio and video on the dvd burn… i also upgraded from nero 6 ultra edition to nero 6…6.6.0.? (or the latest release) anyway it worked terrible for me and after 50+hours of screwing with it and all it’s problems, i went back to the nero ultra 6 and am back to mostly trouble free performance…cheers-Rod


Say, I’m kind of a beginner at all this, how do I “go back” to nero ultra 6? I suppose I can delete the upgrade only? I ask as I foolishly purchased this by download, and did not elect to also get the cd version mailed to me. Help would be much appreciated. Just wondering, do your cds pass the “verify data” test? The only time mine passed was when I accidentally burned the cd with “cdrom” selected instead of “audio cd”. Thanks in advance,