Nero 6 Ultra Hangs when Transcoding

I’m trying to create a dvd movie/slide show. I have 2 mpegs (one is 21 mins the other is 35 mins)…and I have about 700 pictures that I have put into about 8 different slide shows…I can go through and create the project but when I try to burn to my DVD or an image on my slave HD it freezes when transcoding. I look @ my processes and nerovision.exe is pegging my processor @ 100%. It doesn’t display an error, just freezes. Any ideas?

I have sent some log files and details to Nero the past week and this is their response…It seems to be working so far:

Update the drivers of your graphic card.

Windows XP includes support for recording CDs.
This is done via the Microsoft IMAPI (Image Mastering API) interface.
The imapi can interfere with other burning software such as Nero and
packet writing software such as InCD.

We recommend to disable the Imapi service:

In Windows choose

>Control Panel
>Services and applications

Make a rightclick on “Imapi”, choose “properties” and change the startup type to “disabled”.
Confirm this change with “apply” and “ok”.