Nero 6 Ultra Edition - install issues

A few months ago, I purchased of Nero 6 Ultra (downloaded version) for my Windows 98SE computer. That computer died and I just recieved a Dell 4600, Windows XP Professional computer. Today I downloaded the latest version of Nero 6 Ultra and installed it on my new computer. I then entered my serial number in one of the components of Nero 6 Ultra. On the web page where I downloaded the trial verison of Nero 6 Ultra, it states that there are four packages to download, but only two packages appear on that download page. I don’t know if that is part of the problem I mentioned below concerning not having NeroMix. In any case, Nero 6 Ultra Edition installed fine and I was able to burn some cds with it.

  1. I seem to have all of the components of Nero 6 Ultra installed in my computer except NeroMix. I cannot find an icon for it and it does not appear in the Nero folder in my Start Menu. However, in the c:\program files\Ahead folder, there is a subfolder for NeroMix, with various files in it, but not an.exe file. (I believe I chose to install NeroMix.) How do I determine if NeroMix is installed? If it isn’t installed, specifically what should I do to install it? Do I have to uninstall anything before I install NeroMix, if it is necessary to install it again?
  2. I entered my serial number in one of the components of Nero 6 Ultra, and if I remember correctly, that password is shared by the other components of Nero 6 Ultra, once that number is entered in one component of Nero 6 Ultra. All components seem to be working as they should without getting an opening screen reminder that I am using a trial version, except for NeroVision Express. When I start NeroVision Express, I get a message in red at the top of the opening screen, “Welcome to the Nero 6 Demo Version. This version will expire on 8/31/04…” I don’t get that message with the other components of Nero 6 Ultra. I tried entering the serial number again in one of the components of Nero 6 Ultra, and I got a message that the serial number is already in the system. How can I prevent that message (the expiration message) from appearing when I open NeroVision Express? Will Nero VisionExpress or the full Nero 6 Ultra stop working after 8/31/04?
  3. Does my serial number have to be entered in all or certain components of Nero 6 Ultra? Perhaps I didn’t enter the serial number in all of the places I should have entered it.
  4. As I mentioned before, the download page for Nero 6 Ultra states that there are four packages of Nero Ultra 6 to download, but only two packages are on that page. Am I missing something? If there are four packages to download and not two packages, perhaps you can tell me specificlly where the other two packages are located.
    Thanks for wading through all of this stuff. If you can answer any or all of these quesitons, I would appreciate it.

Open the Nero start smart and click on the Nero logo on the upper left corner. Go to the serial numbers tab and remove and re-enter all the serial numbers. This will distrbute the serial number to all the different components of the Nero Suite.

I had the same problem with NeroVision Express. Reentering the serial number did not work…I had to “tweak” its registry entry. Now it works fine. NeroMIX wasn’t showing in “StartSmart” until I also “tweaked” its registry entry. However, NeroMIX is still only permitting me DEMO mode. Still trying to figure that one out. :eek:


Hi Deanna,
I am using Windows XP Professional. How did you tweak the registry?
Thanks again.

Well, I’ve had a few different versions of Nero installed over time and the reg still had other serial numbers listed under the reg key:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Info]

Serial xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
Serial6 xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
Serial 6_2 xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
(x being whatever serial number I had at the time)

I exported the key and saved it to my desk top as a .REG file (so if I screwed things up I could just double click on the saved key and return it to its previous state). Then I deleted all but one serial and changed the name of the remaining one to Serial6_3, then modified it to show my current serial number.

Then I rebooted and everything worked. Don’t get me wrong…I’m no reg expert. I was just “tinkering around”. Your results may be different. ALWAYS back up your reg if you’re going to mess around with it!

Under the same reg key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead] I did the same to the other NERO apps (if needed…some have no INFO key) and they also worked. Hope this helps you.

Deana :iagree: