Nero 6 Ultra edition 6.6 Problems-CD



Well, my parents bought this software only to really burn there store bought CD’s. They are telling me that when they try to burn a CD it tells them its copy protected and will not burn nothing?? i didnt think burning a CD would be a problem…What do I need to tell them so they can start backing up there CD’s??

I was thinking DVD43free sofrtware but I read thats only for DVD’s. Thanks for the help guys


Try running AnyDVD in the background. Download it from The Slysoft .com website also contains CloneCD. Give it a spin.


try Cdex. It’s free and has been known to do some amazing things with copy protection.When you get it installed,Go to:

Options/Settings/Cd Drive and at the bottom of the page where it says “Ripping Method”,set it to “paranoia Full”.It will be slow but it’s has a good chance of working.



do you think DVD43 would work? I hate to think they will have to pay another 39 bucks after the 60 they paid for the Nero-6. I cant believe you cannot burn a plain ol CD???

Nos–I may give that a wirl?



Are they trying to burn audio CD’s?

If so - get a copy of EAC from:

It’s free and works great!!



Yes just a standard off the shelf Audio CD. I never new that they started not allowing you to burn these too??



The EAC will do an excellent job on the audio CD’s as compared to Nero-

Just suggest that you burn them between 16x and 24x for the best quality burns on high quality CR-R’s



Some music CDs are encrypted. Try CloneCD for free. You have nothing to lose.


Unfortunately it’s not “a plain ol CD”, have they tried another?


OK, all fixed–User error as mom didnt load all of Nero6 the first time! She removed Nero and went to install it and noticed stuff she had missed! They are burning CD’s and are happy! Thanks for all the help