Nero 6 Ultra - bought but undelivered

Hello all.

I consider myself to be a permanent newbie. I’ve been fooling around with my pc and Nero for a while, but I haven’t really advanced very far, just so you know.

I tried the demo of Nero 6 Ultra (, after buying a book by Wallace Wang that persuaded me that Nero 6 was user-friendly and full featured enough to satisfy my needs. I only had a look at the demo before purchasing, not because the demo was great, but because the demo, despite misleading advertizing, is ‘not’ full featured. And I already know from Wang’s book that I want the full featured program.

Here I am going nuts trying to figure out why the diagrams and pictures in my book (published by No Starch Press in 2004) didn’t match what I saw on my screen. Finally, I found (on the demo somewhere) the notice that stated that the full featured program (including the PhotoShow Express, The NeroVision Express 2, the Nero ShowTime, The NeroMIX and the Nero audio and video players) would be available once I purchased a serial number online.

I made the purchase and the serial number worked fine, but I don’t see quite a few of the most important components to this program. I got all excited about taking the pics and movie clips from my digital camera (which I gave it’s first test drive last weekend when I got together with my two brothers) and making a fancy cd from them with the Nero I was using before downloading the latest Nero demo. That Nero lacked the features I needed. I wanted the Nero that Wang’s book revealed, even though it was a 2004 book.

The Nero in Wang’s book sure looked user-friendly. I might add that while the Nero I was using recently wasn’t full featured, I had purchased another, earlier version (5.5 or something) of Nero, which is long gone.

What on earth am I missing here?! I double checked the website to go over just what I had purchased. I clearly seem to be missing features. When I attempted to use the ‘help’ feature, I was told (something like) system 32 wasn’t best for what I was attempting and a message asked me whether to ignore the problem, which I did. Then it turned out I was missing a help file and I was offered the option of reinstalling in order to acquire it, which I did. The help button then worked, at least to the extent that it directed me to download the help manuals from Nero’s site. I downloaded them all. Hopefully, I’ll now find out how to acquire the rest of the program I bought so that the manuals will be of use to me.

I’m using windows xp home.
1 gig SDRAM, Plextor CD-R PX-W2410A, Asus DVD-ROM E616, Asus PB4 mb, 60 gig + 120 gig hard drives, no other installed burning software and no DVD burner yet

Thanks in advance. Hope this post is okay here. Later…

Did you download and install ALL packages?

And when you open Nero SmartStart,the icon on your desktop,you can switch between “standard” view and “advanced”…
“Advanced” will bring up much more options to choose from…

Yeah, Nero comes in multiple packages. Most of us only use the first one - or the first two if we use Recode. But a lot of the “extra features” are in packages 3 and 4.

Thanks guys. I’m in business. Later…

If anyone’s still peeking in; Is there a way to connect the help buttons in Nero to the actual help manuals (which I’ve downloaded)? This obviously isn’t a biggy. But why have the buttons there if they can’t do anything?

I’m also confused about a few things. I don’t have NeroMIX and I don’t see it for download. Has that been incorporated into something else that I do have?

As well, There’s a list of programs/components that shows up when you click on the left upper corner (the word ‘Nero’) of the main (SmartStart) window to Nero 6 Ultra. One tab is for ‘programs’ and the other tab is for ‘serial numbers’. Elswhere on the main screen, I have on the left the quick links to assorted programs, under ‘Applications’. There’s 14 applications in there. Why don’t they all show up in the list of ‘programs’ in the other window?