Nero 6 Ultra & 2510 - burn speed

Ok. I did a search and found someone over in the Nero forum that says that the 2510 with the official firmware will not write at 8X with Nero I did use the Nero info tool and it is indeed reported as READ 8X and WRITE 4X maximum. Not a big hassle so far since I’m curently burning about 40 gigs of my photos that I wouldn’t take the 8X chance on.

Any workarounds for this without flashing a modded firmware?

Sounds weird, Having no trouble at all to burn a Best Media Platinum 8x with RICHOJPN02 @8x and Nero Ultra Use the stock 2.15 fw.

I find a lot of people mistake 2510a’s 8x writing for will write 8x all, if your media is not in fw as 8x even if its 8x disk you will get 6x or 4x depending on what nec actually has in FW for that media.

No… I know about the media limitations. I’m talking about the Info Tool showing the Dirve’s Maximun speed as 4X.
At any rate I took the easy way out and flashed Beta 5 - all is well now: Maximum write is reported as 8X.
I have 40 ProdiscS03 (Memorex 4X -R) that pretty well need the Beta 5 to do 8X.

The Info-Tool doesn’t display DVD-speeds unless you put a DVD into the drive (when it is empty it only shows the CD-speeds). Then it shows the maximum writing speed for this particular disc (depending on the drives’ firmware!). Selectable writing speeds don’t have anything to do with the burning application!


Thanks. I didn’t know it was just reporting the media. Since I didn’t have any true 8X media, that would explain it.
The info tool shows me 8X now since the Beta 5 modified firmware supports the ProdiscS03 @ 8X (and worked well on my 1st 8X attempt)

Nice to see another happy NEC owner! :slight_smile:
Have fun with it! :wink: