Nero 6 super slow?

i use dvd shrink to backup disks, but when i burn files from my hard drive i’ve been using nero vision express. is it normal for it to take anywhere from 2 to 4 HOURS to burn one single movie, no titles, nothing fancy, just the movie file? are there some settings i need to change? i’m using nero 6 and i haven’t changed any of the default settings. i have a samsung SH-S162L burner. thanks for any advice!

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If you use DVD Shrink to make the material fit on a single disc, you don’t need to use Nero Vision Express, but Nero Burning ROM/Nero Express to burn the discs (just start a DVD-Video project and import the files created by Shrink).

If you set Shrink’s output to ISO, you can also use the free ImgBurn program to burn the discs.

I’m guessing Vision Express is doing a superfluous re-encoding and that’s why it’s taking so long.

hi, thanks for your response. i only use nero on the files i DL from the internet. i don’t shrink them to the hard drive. i just want nero to burn the DLs from the internet as fast as dvdshrink burns the backups from disk to disk. so is a 2-4 hour burn time normal for nero?

When you’re using Vision & converting an avi type file to DVD the times you’re seeing is quite normal.

bummer. thanks for your reply, though! :slight_smile: