Nero 6 sound trax

When I go in nero sound trax, and want to record from various sources, you should have a number of choices to record with - wave, line-in, microphone, etc. I only have microphone and line-in. It seems that somewhere along the line, I have lost all other options. I have uninstalled Nero and reinstalled it as well as the updates and still only have two choices. The other computers in my office all have at least 5 choices. Their nero was installed with the same disc. Is there a fix for this? :confused:

I also have Nero Sound Trax 6 and they told me that it was discontinued. I’m trying unsuccessfully to contact these MYCe experts to recommend a dif. Nero system. Do you know how I could contact these guys? there is no option for new messages, only replies. sorry for butting in.

[QUOTE=wildkippy;2659124]I also have Nero Sound Trax 6 and they told me that it was discontinued.[/QUOTE]
Sorry for the very tardy reply but I had to get onto machines with various Nero versions.

When this thread started (years ago), the Nero 6 Ultra package offered a version of Soundtrax. In that version, Soundtrax’s HELP “About” shows Version

In the more modern Nero 11 Platinum, Soundtrax’s HELP “About” shows version

I presume that the latest Nero 12 Platinum will have Soundtrax version 6.

Your typed comment of having “Nero Sound Trax 6” made me wonder, do you have Nero 6, Soundtrax 1, or do you have Nero 12 Soundtrax 6?

As for the discontinued part…

Nero 6 Ultra had several updates during its lifespan. The last ‘good’ version was 6.613, I believe. But Nero delivered a castrating “update” that stripped out several MP3-related services, and that “update” was 6.615.

Many users, upon discovering their old Nero 6.613 had now lost services with this “update” (turn yer head, cough AND be snipped) were unpleased and sought alternatives or work-arounds.

Ahead (Nero’s then named company) had legal obligations for the downgrading “update”.

It is a good lesson to consumers about the direction of media usage and digital rights “management”.

“Management”. I love that usage. Like Leatherface “manages” errant college-kids into his storeroom. “Look at me! I’m a manager!!” whack whack…