Nero 6 Smartstart Keeps crashing

Hey all,

I’m running winxp, smartstart.exe keeps crashing on me. Even though when i go through start menu all programs except for the smartstart are working normal. NE hlp will do. :sad:

yeh, im afraid this is normal, i have startsmart crash all the time, infact i find that all of nero (exept nero express) is very unstable, i love it, but it is very buggy, so other than wait for ahead to slowly fix things, theres not alot you can do, just make sure you allways have the latest version and dont run other programs in the background.

ben :slight_smile:

See what i do is i have the orginal smartstart.exe zipped. So whenever it crash i unzip the orginal smartstart.exe into the dir.

I have been using Nero for quite some times and lately I am using Nero6.6, never had any problem with Nero StartSmart at all. I havn’t witness random instability in Nero or any of its component.

Had this same issue and pulled my hair out reloading and trying different fixes. Turned out the new Asus cd burner was conflicting with something. Unplugged it and replaced with a Liteon CD and now everything is great. Smartstart would start and as soon as any menu choice was made, it would minimize to the taskbar and freeze. Only cure was a reboot. Particularly easy to spot if you open Infotool firsat and see if it stops at any of the drives you have connected. PS. the new process for adding to a multisession is much improved.

hmmm… what ASUS burner was it? i have a ASUS CDW-5232AS, i suppose my nero is abit unstable, ill try removing it

ben :slight_smile:

Is there a list of all devices that conflicts with the nero 6.

I have a samsung cdrw/dvd sm-308b and a sony crx0811 cdrw.

Not that this is a “fix” for the crashes, but just curious as to why you even use the ‘smartstart’ for Nero? I use Nero all the time, but just directly open whatever program I need (ie…NeroExpress, or Nero Rom, or REcode…) Never use Smartstart at all…I put the shortcuts on my quicklaunch toolbar. Just my .02 worth

I just like the convenience the smartstart. You know everthing at a click of a button.

Hey all,

My friend told me to just unistall nero and get alcohol 120%. Does ne1 know if its better than nero 6.

they are very different programs, alcohol cant make cd/dvd’s, only burn image files and copy games (copying agmes is what is was made for) nero is for making you own cd/dvds of music, data, video etc, nero cant copy games*

ben :slight_smile:

*well technicly it can but not if they have copy protection.

Then should i just go out and buy Roxio ez media Creator 7. I haven’t heard ne bad things about their software yet.

Yes, it was the 5232as. Took it back and exchanged for LG 4160 and no problems with it either. Although I have been a lifelong Asus fan, I have had nothing but bad luck with short life on 4 different drives. There won’t be a 5th.

I just updated Nero 6 to Nero Reloaded ( to and Smart Start weren’t that smart anylonger. It was a problem because I downloaded the DVD-plugin and needed to have access to the licencenumber to make it work.
and Smartstart is where you’re supposed to enter it. Took quite sometime before I found out how to enter it directly into the registry, but I did. Smartstart is still not very smart, but at least Nero Vision Express can use the plug in. Smartstart seems to access with a file called lls.dll - anyone with same experience? :confused:


Try the following steps, write down your Nero6 serial number as well as the serial number for the dvd-video plugin. Uninstall Nero 6 from the windows control panel then
launch your internet explorer browser and copy/paste this link- download and run this utility to remove all traces of Nero from the registryn when finished reboot the pc… When the systen is backup do not install Nero from the cd download and install the latest version from the web- package 1 using your Nero 6 serial number to install then proceed with package 2 when finished launch the Nero StartSmart and open the Nero product center and enter your serial number to unlock the dvd-video plugin.