Nero 6 ==> Shut down after Burn




My friend has Nero 6.
What we can’t find in his new nero version is the
‘Automaticly shut down the pc when done’ option.

Is that option hidden or taken out?

I Couldn’t test it on my pc because I don’t have nero 6, so I can’t tell that it is linked to the pc.

Friendly Greets



“Shut down after burn”, another remarkable solution in search of a problem. :cool: This may have made sense with 1x, 2x, or even 4x burners. After that, its utility becomes rather marginal with the latest burners finishing a disc in about 2½ minutes. I suspect it was removed from the Burn dialog as a default due to its general lack of utility.

Editorials aside, if you really want this option go to File | Preferences | General and check “Show option to shut down the PC after burning”.


Thanks For the reply :slight_smile:

I find the option still usefull when burning dvd’s.