Nero 6 resolution? or 5.10.42 d/l link?



Nero6 is locking up when I try to open the “file” menu listing in the program. It was also acting “flakey” on an earlier install of it when I tried to burn, just locked up for about 30mins, tried to burn then died. I have had no problems with 5.5.x in the past, and upon uninstalling 6 and re-installing 5.5 it again works/ed fine. My questions would be:

a) does anyone else have this problem? and is there a fix for using v6.x
b) if no to “a”, does anyone have a valid download site for getting v5.5.10.42, as I deleted the one I had previously because I believed the updated version was working initially.

system specs: HPdvd 200i DVD burner, and Liteon 48x24x48 cd-r burner on a P4 2.4C, with Asus P4C800 deluxe MB, and 1gig Cosair LL RAM. And I used both and, the later was the version that the file menu locked-up that I noticed.



Try some of the links here:


you rock, thanks man :slight_smile:


usrname: anonymous