Nero 6 Reloaded version fixes many bugs



I just posted the article Nero 6 Reloaded version fixes many bugs.

 Thanks to giantgrow, tylau, trierer01, fastleo63 and ItalianJob we know  that Nero has updated the packages of it's burning suite to newer versions.  The main changes...
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Funny, as Nero’s site has the files with version date : May 12th


Here we go again… 32 Mbs to download…:r


YeH! - why couldn’t they make it smaller - like patch!?!? - I’m a dialupper - and it’s crawling!


I won’t download it. It is as simple as that.


yeah these guys are such amateurs! They could just BUY (and show us the proper way of getting things!) a patcher software like Patch Factory Then they could release just a 1mb or so for the whole package… pfffff amateurs all over the world :r


what about entering the 21st century and get a broadband connection…:X


Most people do have a broadband connection but with Ahead it doesn’t seem to matter. Everytime I have to update from them I’m luck to get 10k, but if I want to download the latest ATi drivers I have no problem getting over 700k. Ahead definately needs “TONS” more bandwidth.


true i own cable 5mb, and every time it take like 45 min to get the update at 8 kb/s, i just don’t want download that crap


…aaaaahhhhhh, you’re the one… :+


you’re all a bunch of crybabies :g


yeah right what a bunch of whingers :X


should ask them not to fix bugs, then these poor babies dont have any 30mb to download :c


You guys are funny calling them all crybabies LMAO i am a dialuper and I aint complaning the app is a quality app why not wait ?? :B


Seems to me like the size and hassle of updates is a legitimate gripe. Nero’s not freeware or FOSS, it’s comercial software and one of the things you are buying when you buy the product is support. Ahead does a good job of keeping Nero up to date but they are guilty of doing a poor job of facilitating these updates to users who PAID for the product and are funcing the development. I mean really, when I updates Windows or Norton Antivirus, I don’t have to redownload the entire binary. Hell, MS and Symantec aren’t even doing a very good job of incremental updates. But it’s definitely a problem when MS and Symantec have you beaten on any level of usability. Ahead really ought to focus some resources on this issue. It would probably save them money on the bandwidth in the end too.