Nero 6 Reloaded burning CD's freezes after 20%



Hi guys,

I have recently purchased a new PC, with :
Windows XP
P4 3.2
Gforce 6 graphix card
Plextor 612a DVD Writer
and my old sound blaster live 5.1 sound card.

I have come across a problem though, and was wondering whether I could pick your brains for some advice.

I do not seem to be able to burn audio tracks to a CD. I have burned video to DVD, and this works fine (Although for some reason, I cannot get music to play over the title menu - It plays fine in the preview, but does not come out on the DVD - Not sure if this problem is connected though).

Dragging and dropping songs from music CD’s is ok,but when i proceed to the next screen to actually burn them to a CD-R, the actual burn process freezes. It gets to about 30%, sometimes only 20%, and then just hangs. Nothing happens, and the only way out is to re-start the PC, and bin the CD-R.

I thought it may be this - When I chose the option to save tracks, it lists the DVD drives, and against my AOPEN drive, and states something like “This drive has not yet been auto-detected so the drive speeds may be inacurate.Please take your time to autodetect this drive”.
I have no idea what this means, or whether it has any connection to this problem.
I have downloaded the 4 updates listed on Nero’s website, but with no success. However, downloading the updates has now removed the above message about autodetecting the drive, so at least thats something :slight_smile:

Hardware wise, I have installed my old creative 5.1live! soundcard, but XP picked it up ok, and that seems fine. As does my Epson printer.

I have scouted around the internet forums, but most of what is suggested goes strait over my head (things like changing settings in CMOS), which im not really confident about doing.

I have installed this software onto my old PC, and everthing works fine - I can burn music disks with no problem. (I know this doesnt mean my new PC is faulty or anything, I know its probably just a setting or something I just need to change).

I have had a close look at the old PC, against the new, and the only thing that seemed to be different in nero was by going into Nero Info tool, and on the old PC, it listed a 'System ASPI as working correctly, whereas the new PC stated “No ASPI installed”. However, under this line, it stated “NERO ASPI installed and working”. - I dont think this has any connection, but as my knowledge in such matters is limited, I thought it was worth mentioning ??

I was just wondering whether there is anything obvious that I could do,or change, that may resolve this problem.

Kindest Regards,


Give ForceASPI a try.

Have you tried extracting the audio tracks to the hard drive first? You can use EAC, CDex or PlexTools Pro that came with your Plextor. In fact you should try burning CDs with PlexTools Pro as well, because that is software designed with Plextor drives in mind.