Nero 6 Reloaded has been released early

I just posted the article Nero 6 Reloaded has been released early.

 RebelGlitch and Nex used our news submit to tell us that we can now find the anxiously awaited  Nero 6 Reloaded at the  Ahead site. We all figured it would not be out...
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I’m currently having problems with packages 1 & 2. Pkg 1 installs fine, but after you reboot the computer, the serial # no longer works :frowning: Pkg 2 does not get past PhotoSnap which means the setup doesn’t complete which sux!! I emailed Nero abt these issues and hopefully they can fix the ‘bugs’

i think this is why nero didnt release, the 1 at the end means alot to me. alot of problems i got in have been fixed :slight_smile:

Gotta love what this Nero offers :slight_smile:

Does burning “short lead-in” cause compatiblity issues?

I would not touch NERO 6.6 with a ten foot pole… The short lead-out is OPTIONAL - you can disable it. I would think it might cause some compatibility - The specifications require a 90 second lead-out time - I’m sure the disc would play fine on most players, but I’m sure they will not be 100% compatible. Also I avoid NERO like plague now - it is pure utter CRAP for burning DVDs.

What’s good for burning DVD’s if Nero is no good at it ???

Agreed… if you’re going to troll this forum and say X sucks, tell us what’s better and why. I’m eager to find anything better as while Nero is awesome, it’s also bloatware and applications like Alcohol 120% are showing a lot of promise.

People… Please! stop fighting and bickering… Save your scorn, anger, bitterness and disappointment for… Nero Revolutions. :+