Nero 6 Recode introduces 'bug' that could wipe hard drive

I just posted the article Nero 6 Recode introduces ‘bug’ that could wipe hard drive.

 An Chang  used our    news submit  to tell us that the  German online magazine reports that Nero 6 contains a 'bug' that  could delete your entire harddrive. The bug is introduced with...
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Rudy, this article was posted in 2003!! Why bother posting “thanks”, let alone posting at all? You noob.

Man, I sure am glad I saw this before I installed Nero…5 years ago. :S

I was an unlucky one. I wanted to burn everything from my External Hardrive to DVD to make a second copy, but the drive on my old laptop was broken. So I decided to buy a new laptop, agreed to use Nero to make automatic backups and connected up the ExHd. I received the warning “Destination folder is not empty, do you wish to clear it” assuming that that was a specific folder for backups on my ExHd. Nowhere was there the warning that it would wipe the whole of my ExHd, and since wiping everything is a pretty big choice to make, I wish they’d been a little more explicit with their warning. So now there’s a lot of photos, music etc which I cannot get back… Nero has also been wiped from my laptop as I can’t rely on their software not to cause any further major damage.