Nero 6 problem

I have a Sony DW-D22A DVD recorder and a Samsung DVD/CDRW and I am experiencing a problem when trying to copy a DVD (recorded from a TV programme). I get an error message using Nero 6 (version 6,.6) saying that the blank DVD is not the correct type of disk and that the files to be copied are 4gb but the capacity of the disk (blank DVD) in the Sony will only hold 860mb and to insert a CD/CDRW. I have tried copying the DVD to the hard drive and then copying the files to a DVD but the error message still appears. Even though nothing appears to have been written to the DVD it is unusable after trying to copy the original DVD. Has anyone come across this problem before and will a firmware upgrade (currently BYS1) solve the problem.
Thanks for any help

What program are you using to create this video file?


I am using the DVD copy facility in Nero 6.6.

Your recorder may have any issue reading your current DVD media. Try a different brand of DVD media. If a second brand of media works okay, then try updating your firmware.


Hi I’ve tried different media with the same result. I have now crossflashed my Sony DW-D22A drive to a Liteon 1653S with the CSTJ fiurmware & I have also updated Nero to and the problem stil exists. Also Nero crashes with the error message “Nero recode 2 has encountered a problem and needs to close” if I try to use Copy entire DVD-video or Copy multiple DVD video movies to One.
All I want to do is make a copy of a DVD that was recorded from TV programme on a DVD recorder. I have tried several ways including AnyDVD, DVD shrink, DVD decrypter, Clone DVD & DVD Movie Factory. The best I can get is just the first chapter, not the complete DVD. The other methods give either an error message "invalid navigation structure or cannot find the correct ino file.
The original DVD has two chapters and using DVD Decrypter only decrypts one chapter. I have managed to copy the files to my harddrive in two sessions with DVD shrink and opening each of the 4 DVD movie files (VTS_01_1 to VTS_01_4) they play back ok with sound. How do I go about making these into one DVD. I’ve wasted about 10 DVD’s trying to copy this DVD and it driving me crazy.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

Sound like the source DVD is the problem not your programs or media. Try using a different source DVD.

Also,try copying your source files from the DVD in question to your hard drive and burn the files to DVD using the DVD-Video option in Nero Burning Rom.