NERO 6 problem with recorder speed

I recently replaced my LIteOn with an NEC 3540a DVD burner. This device is rated at 48x when recording a CD. However, NEC refuses let the drive burn any faster than 32x. I have the latest NEC firmware and I have completely uninstalled NERO and reinstalled it after I upgraded the firmware on the NEC.

The software still will not let me burn a CD any faster than 32x.

Any idea what is going on here?


Nothing is going on, you just need different media. The NEC only burns 48x on a few brands, the rest are 32x.

Ritek is a good choice for speed and quality on the NEC.

Yes, that is apparently the issue. However, the media I bought is TY and rated at 48x for CD-R. This same media burns at 40x on my other burner that max burns at 40x.