Nero 6 problem or something else?

I made a few different audio cds using Nero and using memorex cds. Playing them on my cd player in the car works plus they work in our house on the cd player but they won’t work on my mother-in-laws cd player in her car or my sister-in-laws car cd player. The only thing I can think of is they are newer cd players and maybe the nero version I’m using isn’t compatible with those cd players? My cd players are older ones and cds I made work fine on mine. On their cd players they get an error. Thanks for any advice.

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Memorex :Z .

This can be terrible media. Verbatim (Pastels & Super AZO) would be a good choice and burn Audio CDs at 16x.

The free app Burrrn ( is perhaps better than Nero in many ways.

Some older players just won’t play CD-R media but with good media & slow burning you’re improving the chances of success.

Thanks for the heads up but it’s the older players that will play my cds, the new players won’t.

Oops , somehow read it round the wrong way - I put it done to my old age.

The better media should help if you’ve not yet tried it.

Will give it a shot, bad thing is I just bought a 50 pack of memorex, cause I ran out… :doh:

I tried burning a cd at 16x speed and it worked. They all can use the cds now! Thanks for the help…