Nero 6 plugins



Seeing as I find the Nero website very unclear over this, I’m wondering what plugins I have and which I have to buy if I want them.

I’ve got Nero installed, with a full serial number (not an upgrade one) for the downloadable version bought online in the EU. In other words, I have Nero 6, not the North American Nero 6 Ultra.

I know, too, that if I want NeroMIX, I have to buy that separately, because I don’t have (and can’t buy) Nero 6 Ultra.

I’m pretty clear that if I want the mp3PRO plugin (for mp3PRO and MP3), I have to buy that one outside the very limited evaluation period. I get the impression that at least some Nero 6 Ultra purchasers were given a free serial number for that or some other MP3 plugin, but that that never applied to the “rest of world” version.

The plugins are listed at

The mp3PRO one I’ve already dealt with.

It sounds like the Nero Digital Audio one is already included in what I’ve got - as is the Windows Media Player 9 one (which, I guess, obsoletes the old WMA plugin - I guess that might be for Nero 5.5 only, even though it’s not clearly marked nor explained anywhere). I presume all these plugins do not need separate serial numbers.

What about the DVD-Video and Multichannel plugins? There’s links there to buy them - but also the statement, “The DVD-Video Plug-in and the Multichannel Plug-in are already included in the Nero 6 retailpackage and the Nero 6 webversion”. Are they included and fully licensed (without separate serial numbers) in the retail package I’ve got, but not in OEM and other bundled versions? Alternatively, is it that they’re included in the download, but need separate serial numbers?

I feel Ahead would do everyone a favour if they made a matrix up that showed what was included and what was not for each different way of purchasing Nero.

If it makes any difference, I bought my serial number recently - when Nero was current.



I am to find the “nero Audio Plug-In Manager”, that Nero told me was there, but gave me no intructions or location.





The mp3PRO codec is purchased from Nero.

Where is the audio plug in manager ?

The web site mentioned above is really confusing and gives inaccurate information in relation to the current version.

Nero told me to use the nero Audio Plug-In Man as is advertised on their web site and told to me in support mail. When I asked where it was, I have received no reply from Nero.

Here is some of the stuff on the Nero website.
The Major Updates in Nero 6 Ultra Edition are:
New features Nero Ultra Edition

"Unlimited MP3 encoding and OGG vorbis encoding/decoding (only for US customers and requires online registration within 90 days)
Significant usability improvements
AMD64bit support
Hyperthreading support"

[B]Changes from Nero to
Release Date: 10-01-2003

Features Added
Added support for new recorders
Added new file name format profile in the audio plug-in manager settings[/B]


Go to Nero SmartStart, and click on Fire icon on the bottom right, and click on Serial Numbers. That will tell you what you have.


A bad crash which required reinstallation of my complete system from backups worked just fine except for my Nero I spent 2 or 3 days trying to sort the mess out and eventually solved it by some tricky workarounds. Getting my MP3 convertor back was the main problem. Result: I hate their messy arrangements and would not really recommend it again.
The new Nero is supposed to be even messier, but there are now cleaner and apparently better and cheaper packages such as Roxio´s Win-on-CD 8.
I hope that the Nero team wakes up soon because it´s a great set-up when it works but ghastly when it doesn´t.
One package and clear info about options or plug-ins would probably do the trick!