Nero 6/Pinnacle IC 8 Conflicts

Hey all,

I have read in a few places that there is a conflict between Nero 6 and Pinnacle IC8. I guess IC8 takes over the system and crashes all writes for Nero! I was getting a full write to the disk, but Nero was not able to finish the leadout. I was stupid enough to try and make coasters out of 6 disks. Has anyone else run into this problem??

I have removed IC8 and trying Nero 6 again, but with the sim first. I’ll let you know the results!

Has anyone else had this exact same problem??


I might be having the same problem - I posted here

Let me know if you find a solution :wink:



Conflict confirmed - Removing Instant CD/DVD version 8 solves the Nero errors!

Now to find out why…