Nero 6: overwriting dvds without user interaction

hey all,

i have a problem with nero 6 and dvd rw’s. Nero keeps asking me “Data which is to be written on the dvd is to big, do you want to erase it?”
(might sound different in english, i’ve translated it from my language)

How to tell Nero to overwrite dvds without asking?
Theres an option called “Waiting X Minutes before erasing the disk if a scheduled backup exceeds the remaining available space”

I’ve activated this option and set the time to 2 minutes… but it didnt seem to have any effect :confused:

please help!


nvmd… found a good walk-around ;D

first off… i found this problem on another forum… so yeah… i am not hte only one who had this problem and it seems to exist in nero 7 as well. but the threat ine other forum gave me the hint were to to look further. “nerocmd” !

ok… so here is what i did… wrote a batch file (.bat) with one single line

C:"path to nero directory"
erocmd.exe --erase --drivename E (where E is my DVD drive Letter)

then i created a scheduled task which runs this batch file ~30 mins before the actual back up takes place.