Nero 6 On Ebay - Legal?



I’d like to move up from the crippled Nero 6 OEM suite that I’ve got to the full Nero 6 Ultra package. Nero wants US$80 for this, and I’m having some sticker shock. My burner was less than half that much, for crying out loud. Heck, Windows itself is about that price.

I want to do the honest thing and support Nero. I don’t want to pirate it, I don’t want to buy a forgery or a stolen copy. I just want it cheaper. US$30 or so would be much more reasonable.

I see Ebay has a lot of copies of slightly-outdated Nero 6 software for anywhere from $1 for the crippled OEM suite to $10-$20 for the Ultra suite. They’re being sold by vendors with hundreds or even thousands of positive feedbacks - so I doubt they’re forged copies with repeated serial numbers. But if they “fell off the back of a truck” or something then I’m not interested.

Does anyone know if these are likely to be legal (but old) copies that Nero was compensated for at some point? Any clue how they got to where they are?


I would not buy any kind of software on ebay… BTW, serials could well be all different, but obtained through something like a ky gnrtor…

Moreover, if they are telling you that the high bidder will be able to download the software with relative serial (so that there are no shipping expenses and you receive the item “immediately”), then the auction itself is not legal: read the note about downloadable media.

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Thanks for your frank reply. I know a lot of people are nervous about buying software on Ebay, but I think the worries, while not unfounded, may also be overblown. I’ve bought quite a few PC games there, and I’ve never once had any real problem. Virtually all of them were used US-retail items, box and all, perfectly genuine, perfectly legal, and darn cheap. A few of them were actually new-in-box. Only one turned out to be a questionably-legal “not for resale” bundle disc.

The trouble is, people get tired of a game, so they sell it and use the money to buy new ones. Nero, on the other hand, stays useful for a long time. The auctions for Nero all boast that they’re “new, never used!” etc, which is making me wonder where it all comes from.

No worries, I wouldn’t get into something like that, that would push my fishy-o-meter off the scale. I don’t think I’ve even seen an auction like that, in fact.


I did, sadly. A guy was selling a “magic firmware” for transforming a non-DL LiteOn burner in a DL-Drive… you guessed, he was selling CodeGuy’s firmware! :rolleyes: The sad story is here

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At least with legal software you wont have the problem with updates/support/patches etc,nero updates check for illegal keys so if u buy one and its fake who you gonna complain to.


First one I found on Ebay (UK) was described as Nero 6 Reloaded, but actually turns out to be OEM Suite 1 - in the small print!

They sure love to show box pictures, for this unboxed stuff, and it may NOT be legitimate if not sold with hardware.

PS. There is an upgrade offer, which cuts the price to $55.95 - a generous discount when applied to versions 5 and 5.5 bundled, less so on a 5.5 retail that didn’t qualify for a free upgrade or for the limited extra features over V6 OEM Suite 3.

Trouble is, an offer which was actually fair to genuine upgraders, would be abused by those buying black market OEM versions.