Nero 6 OEM

I’ve just bought an Asus 5232AS and it ships with Nero 6 OEM. Thing is I have no idea what that gives me, as in which of the many elements I do and don’t get.

I’ve got a full version of Nero 5.5 and the latest version provides support for the Asus, so what does the OEM of Nero 6 give me that I don’t already have…?

Bugs and incompatibility with any other drive make - personally, I’d stick with 5.5.

the mans right stick with 5.5 if it supports your drive

Nero 6 is a waste of time and money. look at the treads with problems in the forum, I think Ahead never test their software or maybe they can tell us which drive they test on so we can all buy one. Personaly iv’e started to use other software Nero is becoming a load of rubbish. and not worth buying with all its errors. 6 months from now you will have v.8 with bugs…


Yes, Nero 6 is terrible for Win98 users. You are not able to read multi-session DVD burnt by Nero 6 even after applied their multimount utilities. The worst, it is very difficult to stop it from overwritting the existing files recorded in previous sessions.

Nero 6 Ultra is well worth the $. It is the most comprehensive program out there. With the addition of DVDDecypter it will cover almost all of your DVD/Video needs. The OEM versions do not include full working versions of Recode 2 (nice shrinking program) and Nero Vision Express (very complete authoring program). You can shrink, convert AVI (Xvid and Dvix), create DVD’s with custom menus, combine VOB, AVI, PAL or NTSC (in any combination), merge them, add chapter stops, the list goes on and on. I would not install InCD though, unless you have a use for it.