Nero 6 oem version

I have nero 6 oem version and am told i need dvd plugins in order to burn a dvd. Is there any place in the software that tells me exactly what features i do have? Nero says in the case of bundling the manufacture sets the paramaters of the software.I have seen a free download of audio plugins for Nero 6 is that all i would need ? Also has anyone upgraded oem software?Are you still eligible for the rebates for the upgrade or are the rebates just for upgrading “retail” versions? Thanks, Bruce l.

There are a few different Nero versions but I think you can get Nero Recode as a download form Nero’s website and add it to your basic version. I would not be surprised to find it is on your original disc. Go to the website and go to update version 6.

If you are limited, there a a number of sources for the Full oEM version online for cheap. Mine was $5 here is another source.