Nero 6 No Sound Problem

Ok i racked my brain to where to post this for 5 mins lol. So i thought id post it here

I have nero 6.0 (i guess 6.6 if its fully updated) I downloaded a movie from the internet called History Of Violence. It was in avi format, i converted it to DVD format so ic an burn the movie to dvd. I go into nero and pick “make video dvd” and i burn the movie to th edvd, and it burns just fine, it plays great in the dvd player i have, but yet no sound…

I thought it could have been that the converter didnt conver tthe sound along with the movie, But not it did, i played the file i converted on my comp and theres sound, just when iburn it on a dvd and play it on a dvd player (on my pc or in my samsung) it doenst have sound.

Any ideas why?

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