Nero 6 need help please

i am trying to back up my dvds just bought a lite-on dvdr and dvd- discs. i used dvd shrink to compress etc and followed the guide step by step on the forum to burn using nero. it starts to burn and after about 2 minutes comes up with a “command sequence error” i have searched hi and low for a thread to no joy is there anybody who can help. sorry if this has already been posted.

Hi and welcome to the forum ,

Possible solutions can be found here

hi thanks for the welcome.
i am not the most advanced pc user so some of that doesnt make sense? is there anything siple i can try? my dvdr is a replacment to my old cdr that broke i plugged it into the same ribbon etc so not sure about the technical jargon?

Hmm , i don’t know any quick solution. Perhaps you could try and contact Nero/Ahead support ? They can be found here.

my pc isnt the newest or fastest is there a chance that the hardware wont handle it? it is about three years old but never had a problem with anything else?

Could you supply the following info to help us help you?[list=1]What is the exact error message that nero comes up with.
What version of Nero are you using.
Make / model / firmware of your burner.
Make of dvd+/-r that your using.
What speed your burning at.
PC setup and IDE setup.[/list=1]Somethings for you to try.[list=1]Burn at the slowest speed possible.
Burn from an image off the H/drive.
Try a different brand of media (good quality).
Upgrade firmware.[/list=1]

I also get this error using dvd decrypter

You can try DVTool, it very simple to use . You can find more information on