Nero 6 mp3 recording order

How do I force Nero 6 to keep the order of mp3’s that I want? No matter how I add mp3’s to the list Nero will put the mp3’s in alphabitical order and burn it that way! This sucks if you want to keep the order of the original cd.


Well I found out how to do it but I dont like it.

from nero we site:

"10. Why does the order of MP3 tracks change when I compile an MP3-CD? It always ends up in alphabetical order, and I am unable to change it.

First of all, there is big difference between an AudioCD and a MP3-CD. When you burn a Audio-CD all MP3s will be converted into CDA, so regular CD player will be able to read this CD (this is specified through the Red Book).
An MP3 CD is really just a data CD as you are using the CDROM (ISO) standard. And every CDROM (ISO) has to be written within the specification of the Yellow Book for this format, otherwise it would not be readable on any system, or by any MP3 Player. This specification forces all tracks to be in alphabetical order. No exceptions. But there is an easy workaround. Set prefixes in front of the songs filenames which consist of numbers.
For Example:

This way you can burn the MP3 audio files in the order you wish to play them in on your MP3 Player.


So does anyone have a program that would add number prefixes to mp3 files?


Use the free (donation) software THE RENAME. It is probably the best file re-naming software around. Not sure if this is really going to do any good though, as you most likely will put numbers in front of an alhabetical list

Rename works great. This is something Nero or any other mp3 make software needs. Prefix a number to files. Nero definatly needs some kind of sorting order and then insert a Prefix.

BTW if you can view cd text titles of cd’s on your DVD player you will see the prefix number. Oh well

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The Rename can also be used to delete file numbering. Click Edit and then Search-&-Replace in Prefix

In the dialog, fill-out the position FROM____ TO____

Go down to the Character section
In FIND box enter 0123456789
In Replace With box. leave blank

Always. always before Clicking RUN, do the PREVIEW

I tried to burn a folder of wavs ripped with EAC using Nero Express(v6) and even through I have EAC name them as Track 1-title etc they still were burnt out of order. I emailed Nero about this but I am still waiting for a reply. I switched back to v5.5 after this. It worked fine on the older versions so why not now? Getting something wrong as simple as this doesn’t instil a lot of faith in me for v6.0.

Here are a couple more free file renaming programs:

Flexible Renamer includes support for regular expressions, ID3, EXIF, IPTC tags, etc.


Maybe this is too obvious… but my solution has always been to create a .M3U file (playlist). Just drag it over from explorer and it automatically creates the files in the correct order. :slight_smile: