Nero 6 Memorex Suite -vs- Nero 6 Ultra Edition Retail Box

When I decided to buy Nero 6 late this past summer, I didn’t have an internet connection at the dropzone I was working at and dropped $100 US on the retail box (it came with a free CD label applicator :smiley: ). I bought it mostly for Recode 2.

I then went out and bought a faster DVD burner the next day - as it happens, it was the Memorex Internal E-IDE 16x Dual Layer, Dual Format job. Dropped just $120 for that.

The Burner, I find, comes with a software package called “Nero 6 Memorex Suite” and includes Nero Express, NVE, INCD, BackItUp, Showtime, Recode 2, the Tool Kit, Cover Designer, Photoshow Deluxe, etc. Wow!

Basically, it comes with everything I just paid $100 for, without the burner. Course, in my excitement to get started using my new software I’d already opened up my Nero (retail version) box, so I had no chance to return that should it turn out I no longer needed it. Well, I did get that label applicator.

No prob, don’t feel bad, the Memorex Suite is probably just a limited trial anyway. No?
It’s probably got a lot of the best features missing then? No?

What gives? The memorex burner even had a better Nero User guide than the one that came in the Nero retail box. :confused:

Lemme cruise on over to Nero’s web site and see what I’ve got. They’ll explain it all for me. Oh, no mention there.

Hey - somebody make me feel good. Tell me I didn’t buy the same stuff twice. Or tell me I did, and then I guess I could give my other serial to someone else who might like it.

Sorry if this territory has been covered, but I did a search and couldn’t find anything. I did see some things about Nero with an OEM cd-burner, but that stuff was obviously CD only. Way back when, I got Nero 5 with my aftermarket CD burner.

And If I sound kinda whiney, it’s because I had to type this post twice cause I hit the back button on my mouse by accident before clicking “submit”. So I was a bit peeved. And it’s late. And my dog ate my homework. And…

You may try emailing Nero. They have gotten back to me when I emailed them. They could at least tell you where you stand. They may take a day or so to get back to you.

OEM Suite 3 (the DVD suite) is pretty complete, the only thing it really lacks is an escape from “Nero Express” mode, though there may be a few other things nibbled away here and there.

I’m willing to bet the Memorex suite does not support AC3 compressed audio in NeroVision Express.

I sent Ahead my credit card number AFTER I installed the OEM package that came with my NEC drive. The OEM stuff is, indeed, always in Express mode, and it just drove me up the wall. An expensive (and probably not really needed) “upgrade”, but I don’t grit my teeth anymore whenever I open the program. That’s probably worth something.

Don’t suppose the OEM suite 3 to full upgrade is any better discount than “crappy old version” to full?

Nope, the same, save $20 on the download ($39.99 instead of $59.99), upgrading from 4, 5, 5.5 OEM or Retail (unless the retail was in the qaulifying period for a free update, though I don’t know if they’d still honour that now), 6.0 OEM.

That’s the non-US “reloaded”, the US “Ultra” is dearer, and I’ve never been able to find a concrete answer on the difference, or if the registered download is in any way inferior to the boxed.

I found out that With the verion that came with my Memorex unit I couldnot burn a DVD with 5.1 Surround sound. It gave me a license issue.

It must all be in the serial number; as Nero’s frenquent updates render anything in a box totally obsolete by the type you get it home from the store. I just wonder how many features can be turned on and off with the different serial numbers… must be a lot, with all these different versions out there.