Nero 6 Installer Problem

Whenever i try and install the version 6 demo, i get this error:

"An error occurred during the copy process (file name: Nero\Uninstall\UnNero.cfg).
Error: 2
The system cannot find the file specified.

Please reboot your computer and retry."

Now, i have tried restarting many times, ive got other versions of nero as well, but everytime the same thing happens.

Any help would be appreciated.

try uninstalling… running their neroclean.exe program… “you may have traces of the 5.0 version messing it up” and then even going through the registry after a reboot and removing anything else you may find…
then after rebooting again, try reinstall.

thanks will do.

if not, reformat:(

too bad you aren’t runninx XP I assume… since you could go back to an earlier time…

Reformatting means about 3 days worth of intense work for me!!
What I do instead is Ghost my system to another hardrive in the form of a compressed file… if it comes to that… its much much faster than reformatting… Just never save a ghost image unless your confident everything works perfectly, and your in good shape!

Actually i DO have xp pro on my pc…

…but anyway i used System Restore to no avail…so i reformatted…i just backed up all the files on OS hard drive to another one and then reinstalled.

Wasted a day but oh well, i can burn now :smiley:

Sorry you had so much trouble… If you reformatted and now it works… I can only assume you had a virus, or a adware type pests messing you up somehow… maybe damaged something subliminal you never really noticed…

Send me an email if you need excellent pest software or antivirus…

Thanks windstrings.

I surely did have a virus or worm cause i couldn’t even scan my drives with norton lol.

Now everything works just fine and i have Ad-Aware and Norton 2004 installed.

Yea… if you couldn’t scan your drives… the firmware couldn’t either to find your drive…

glad all is well…