Nero 6 installation



I just bought a new computer- hp with windows xp. Sonic record now was installed on this computer when I bought it. I want to install Nero 6 Ultra Edition. Will Sonic record now interfere with Nero 6 and visa-versa. Thanks


Hey and welcome to CDFs!

I dont see why Sonic would interfere with Nero. As long as you dont try to run them @ the same time, you should be fine. I have many burning progs on my PC and they all work fine.



I installed Nero 6 on my computer this weekend. The only problem I had was a window came up and said that nero 6 would have some problems with my operating system (windows xp sp2). I said aw hell. Than I loaded the most recent update and that window never appeared again. I tried copying a dic, recording a disc and editing a track and everything turned out ok. I’m on my way. Thanks for the help.