Nero 6 + InCD 4?



From cdfreaks’ Nero 6 preview article (, it mentioned InCD 4 as ‘Other Softwares’. However, I have here a demo version of Nero 6 ( with no InCD 4 to be found anywhere. Where is it? I assume it is included since ‘Other Softwares’ have all of the other softwares.

Is it just me or is InCD 4 not included with Nero 6? If it’s not, where can I download it? I can’f find it anywhere in Ahead’s download section.


InCD is a seperate download. you can get it at the ahead web site where you download nero 6.

be aware that many people ( myself included) that have tried InCD 4 have not been able to get it to work properly. personally I am sticking with InCD 3


InCD 4 will not work with a demo version of Nero 6.